Creating this dossier has allowed for a thorough process of reflection on my last three years at Inworks, and more broadly with the University of Colorado Denver and Anschutz Campuses. In doing so, it’s clear that this context has enabled the opportunities I had hoped for and some that I am only now beginning to see the potential for. The time has passed quickly, but I am confident you will see that Inworks (the very new initiative that it was at my start date) and I have been productive and provided great value to a wide range of participants in our many offerings since 2015.

I continue to desire to work between academia and industry; the nature of the Inworks mission has suited my pursuits in traversing these realms. From course material that takes students into the city and professional offices as an extended classroom, to bringing in industry’s beta technologies for hands-on our explorations in our lab. This is the type of work I dreamed of when I accepted the role with Inworks. In addition, I’ve been able to grow in a leadership and administrative capacity as I now oversee the development of the Inworks mission on the Anschutz Medical Campus. There the team I lead is busy building prototyping support for CU Innovations pipeline to further enable the talent of CU to take their ideas to the marketplace. Inworks continues to prove to be a fertile ground to excel in academia meets industry work.

I have contributed significantly to the reputation building of Inworks, both here in our locale and from afar. I’ve brought vital connections from national engagements back to Inworks in a way that has greatly impacted our financial support and future partnership opportunities. I’ve presented about Inworks on main stages of international conferences and even organized course travel with students to collaborate with the great talent I’ve met along the way.

I continue to seek meaningful ways to imbue learning with aspects of real-world implementation. Above all, I endeavor to lead a new generation of diverse and incredibly adaptable designers that have a great sense of purpose in their life-long pursuits; may they generate the new disciplines of our future.

This is the work I continue to pursue.



As one might expect for an educator, my life experiences in constructing my education and many years instructing following, have greatly shaped my teaching pedagogy. My role as a designer, and lead-up to has been one in which I learned across many contexts and mediums. In my professional role prior to Inworks, I directed workshops internationally on digital design and fabrication.

Leadership / Service


Leadership & service may be designated at thirty percent, but at Inworks it remains a monumental part of the work that needs attention from everyone in our small team owing to it’s nature as a new initiative. My responsibilities in this domain expanded with the build-out of our Anschutz facility (late Fall 2017) and soon thereafter my new role as Associate Director for the Anschutz side of our operation.

Research/ Creative / Professional / Scholarly Activities


My research, creative, professional, and scholarly activities have in many ways have enriched my leadership, service, and teaching roles. To summarize my endeavors, I see four main areas of focus and dissemination to-date: 1 / Designing and making in 3D as a collaborative mode 2 / Inclusion of end-users / stakeholders in the design process